Martin Bradley • Sleep Apnea

I had been to several doctors but Dr. Barker was the only doctor that really took the time to fully understand what was going on with me. I was amazed at how knowledgeable she was about sleep and how it affects your overall health. Now when I come home from working all day I still have tons of energy left.”

“I’ve even been able to help my mom get the right sleep care she needed. After five years of having been misdiagnosed and having no follow-up treatment, she was very reluctant. Dr. Barker and her staff put her at ease right away. She was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea but is now getting the quality treatment she needs.”


  1. It’s great to know these information! Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for this. I just started looking for a new mattress, and yours is one of the few sane opinions i’ve come across. There’s a lot i can compromise with, but i need my beauty sleep haha. 

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I had been to several doctors but Dr. Barker was the only doctor....
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