Commercial Drivers Sleep Care


  • Sleep fellowship trained and boarded sleep physician, Dr. Rosanne S. Barker, with 30 years of experience providing the leadership with patient care and operating sleep clinics.
  • Accredited, outpatient comprehensive testing and treatment facilities and Home Sleep Testing
  • More than 20 years’ experience evaluating commercial vehicle and equipment operators, airline pilots and sea captains
  • Fully established and proven protocols to keep drivers safe and on the job
  • Designated BSI team with personal and professional experience to care for all needs of driver and employers


  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine “GOLD STANDARD” sleep center
  • Sleep fellowship trained and boarded sleep physician with 30 years of full time in sleep medicine and care of transportation workers
  • Reliable, premier, polysomnographic technologist monitored, in-facility testing made available to all patients avoiding the potential fraud, abuse, restrictions, and invalidity of portable testing procedures
  • Home sleep testing is offered of highest quality and low cost.
  • Clear, easy information for drivers specific to their needs


  • A fraction of the cost of hospital based programs
  • Reduced cost for CPAP and supplies
  • Individualized payment programs
  • Lower cost private (cash) payment plans to fit your budget and financial needs


  • Full time qualified MD on staff to evaluate and treat
  • Urgent care option to evaluate and schedule testing same day as referral for drivers unable to work until sleep treatment is in place
  • Parking and Taxi options for driver
  • Easy access for referral by occupational health providers, clinics, and human resource and safety offices at employers, and drivers themselves if needed


  • Dedicated commercial driver staff to coordinate all care plus specialized staff for CPAP and financial needs
  • Our commercial driver sleep staff have close relatives and friends who are professional drivers: husbands, fathers, brothers, nephews…so our staff understands the importance of respecting the needs of drivers and employers

Sleep Clinic Follow-up

  • Initial evaluation at time of testing and diagnosis
  • Flexible hours and appointments
  • Office visit for results of tests and full treatment discussion
  • Office visit 2-4 weeks after initiating treatment to validate compliance and blood pressure
  • Annual visits with sleep physician for compliance and treatment update
  • Office visits will be customized for each patient depending on their schedule and needs
  • Following guidelines of Joint Task Force is recommended but optional


  • Per DOT guidelines the following compliance readings will be documented for the first year after initial treatment unless an alternative schedule is requested by the driver, employer, or CDL examiner:
    • Weekly for one month
    • Bi-weekly for three months
    • Monthly for three months
    • Quarterly thereafter


“I went to three different sleep clinics and had one major,....
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