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Athletes face many obstacles that make them prime candidates for sleep disorders. Baseball players’ demanding schedules require a great deal of travel, which can lead to jet lag and altered circadian rhythms. Football players, lineman in particular, and those persons with necks greater than 17 inches are very susceptible to obstructive sleep apnea. In general, most collegiate and professional athletes are under enormous amounts of pressure to succeed, to be role-models, to manage endorsement deals, practices, school, relationships, and family all the while under the public eye. Athletes juggle stress, busy schedules, travel across the country or world among other things which makes trying to maintain normal, healthy lifestyles and trying to achieve peak athletic performance nearly impossible—especially with inadequate, abnormal sleep and possible sleep disorders.

Our goal at SleepXcel is to educate these talented people, to study their sleep patterns and sleep habits, to consult, evaluate and treat them in order to optimize their athletic abilities as individuals and as teams. While untreated sleep disorders will undoubtedly cause a decrease in athletic performance, ongoing studies are now revealing that athletes may even need extra sleep to do their best. A recent Stanford study tested Stanford swimmers and basketball players on the relationship between getting extra sleep and improved alertness, mood and performance. For two weeks, student-athletes maintained their usual sleep-wake patterns, and then extended their sleep to 10 hours per day for the next six to seven weeks. Athletic performance was assessed after each regularly scheduled swim and basketball practice. Swimmers swam faster, reacted quicker off the block, improved turn time and increased kick strokes substantially. Basketball players’ sprint times were quicker and their free-throw shooting improved, as did ratings of mood and alertness. Several athletes even set new personal records and season-best times, as well as broke long-standing Stanford and American records while participating in the study. Athletes, coaches, trainers, managers and team physicians need to truly understand what a huge impact sleep can have on athletic performance and results. The possibilities for peak performance are endless once these individuals are receiving the proper sleep care they need.

The SleepXcel is a provider of the most comprehensive sleep disorder management for professional and amateur athletes. Using a customized approach to sleep disorder education, screening, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing support, Barker Sleep is dedicated to improving the performance of athletes by optimizing their sleep.
SleepXcel is currently working with a number of major and minor league teams across the US, by offering an on-site board certified and fellowship trained physician to perform a full analysis, medical history and sleep testing to help athletes and teams reach their peak performance.

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