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At the Barker Sleep Institute, special health, occupational needs, and related changes and trends in the driving and aviation industry receive thorough, focused attention. Dr. Barker has done extensive clinical work in the field of sleep disorders and commercial drivers and cannot stress enough how crucial it is for drivers and aviators to be screened for sleep disorders.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that 100,000 drowsy driving crashes are reported to police each year, killing more than 1,500 Americans and injuring another 71,000. The New England Journal of Medicine stated in a report that nearly 20 percent of serious car crash injuries involve a sleepy driver (no alcohol involved.) Accidents on planes, buses, trucks, taxis, trains and ships have repeatedly been linked to drowsy operators whose fatigue stemmed from a sleep disorder. Lives are being lost at the hands of drowsy drivers, whose sleep disorder can be easily identified and treated by a qualified sleep physician.

Obstructive sleep apnea, one of the many sleep disorders to diagnose and treat, significantly increases safety and health risk of motor vehicle crashes. According to a study sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier’s Safety Administration and the American Trucking Association, nearly 1.1 million of America’s 4 million total commercial truck driving population is affected by sleep apnea – defined as the struggle to breathe during sleep. Sleep apnea can lead to many other serious, debilitating health problems including, excessive daytime sleepiness, heart disease, hypertension, stroke and other life-threatening diseases.

The Barker Sleep Institute is a provider of the most comprehensive sleep disorder management for the transportation industry. Using a customized approach to sleep disorder education, screening, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing support, Barker Sleep is dedicated to improving the health and safety of workers in East Tennessee and beyond. Our accredited sleep centers are set-up to accommodate those traveling commercial drivers and to provide the specialized care that can reduce accidents, lower health care claims, improve safety, and increase overall productivity. Our objective is to keep drivers on the road, pilots in the air, workers in the field, and ultimately to help make industries safer, healthier and more productive.

If you would like more information about our professional driver and aviator sleep program offerings please call 865-584-3850.

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